Kibou is a federated social networking server.
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What is Kibou?

Kibou is a lightweight federated social networking server based on open protocols. It is written in Rust, utilizes Rocket as it’s web framework and Diesel as it’s database driver. The project’s objective is to provide a highly customizable multi-protocol social networking server. Currently supported is the commonly used ActivityPub protocol.

Furthermore Kibou implements Mastodon’s REST API, this means that all applications for Mastodon should also work with Kibou.

Kibou ships with it’s own user interface called Raito-FE. In it’s standard configuration it’s completely based on static components and does not use any JavaScript. Although dynamic components (such as automatically refreshing timelines and dynamic routing) can optionally be enabled. A minimal mode can also be enabled in it’s settings which reduces network traffic and only renders Raito-FE’s core components.

Kibou UI screenshot

Try it out

Federation with other software

Federation is known to work with Pleroma, Misskey and Mastodon which are also the main projects being tested against. But federation with other software should work as well.

Get in touch

Join the IRC channel #kibou on