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  Toromino d8b9eabd8c Fix profile image centering on mobile 1 year ago
  Toromino aacfda1c78 Add link for Keybase, XMPP and Gitea and change repository URL in footer 1 year ago
  Toromino 18c499cf0e Update 'LICENSE.md' 1 year ago
  Toromino f5a6560b70 Initial commit on this fork. 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný d5e6286f90
Merge pull request #41 from cfrome77/add-submenus 1 year ago
  cfrome77 5a33fd6b0f Add font-size for submenu items 1 year ago
  cfrome77 ce3c3391f3 Fix submenu sentence 1 year ago
  cfrome77 7e35b85298 Add ability to use submenu items 1 year ago
  cfrome77 47fc89db70 Add how to create a submenu item 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný e14891ad5f
Merge pull request #40 from LordMathis/fonts 1 year ago
  LordMathis 1819789d67 Change illegal character in url 1 year ago
  LordMathis 27e66289f4 Remove unused fonts 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný dd9b1c15d2
Merge pull request #38 from TannerFilip/master 1 year ago
  tanner filip 6b7901a456 add support for CV/resume 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 925e5a4b6b
Merge pull request #37 from ioef/patch-2 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 7ea5f1ccf9
Merge pull request #35 from jarhill0/master 1 year ago
  E.Iosifidis b11cb92b24
Update default.md 1 year ago
  jarhill0 35a48d7e28
Fix image max-width (fix #34) 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 49df5e60ba
Merge pull request #33 from FrankPrechtel/telephone 1 year ago
  Frank Prechtel 2f4a2ad442 Add support for telephone numbers 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný b9afe18cc8
Merge pull request #30 from nickanderson/more-social 1 year ago
  Nick Anderson 3c0f10bae5
Add more social links 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný e3a7457ca3
Merge pull request #29 from dodjango/paypal.me 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 0d5da1ad1a
Merge branch 'master' into paypal.me 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný d104d2fb29
Merge branch 'master' into paypal.me 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný e748c022f2
Merge pull request #28 from dodjango/xing 1 year ago
  Torsten Mattetat 9c804e0cb2 feat: add link to paypal.me 1 year ago
  Torsten Mattetat 38b3fe8897 add XingURL to README 1 year ago
  Torsten Mattetat 57abdb2fc6 feat: add xing link 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný f73b76b251 Merge pull request #26 from andschwa/non-upper-name 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 5f0146c978 Merge pull request #25 from andschwa/social-partial 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer e4065531f6 Use CSS to uppercase name 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer 764e1473d2 Fix whitespace 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer 36b024fd12 Use https for LinkedIn 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer 22aa93f51e Make the social icons a partial 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 7a058f8b4f Merge pull request #24 from jhh/fix-instagram 1 year ago
  Jeff Hutchison a49ee786eb Fix Instagram base URL 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 2058f83d46 Merge pull request #23 from fgallaire/master 1 year ago
  Florent Gallaire cab3017cbc Add Telegram link (Fix #22) 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný e15c4d5d17 Merge pull request #20 from LordMathis/profile-picture 1 year ago
  LordMathis b0c7226c6a Fix missing profile picture issue 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 97d508b09a Merge pull request #17 from nozomi0966/master 1 year ago
  Your Name 46b8bd60f0 Add README 1 year ago
  Your Name 2d5efc617f add Instagram params 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 87968b9a7d Merge pull request #15 from jpeeler/slack-invite-url 1 year ago
  Jeff Peeler f39477fc71 Add support for Slack invite 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 4fe988dc86 Merge pull request #14 from covingtondoan/fix-fixed-navbar 2 years ago
  Covington Doan 5f81abaf96 Fix fixed navbar covering content 2 years ago
  Matúš Námešný 903db6ab1d Merge pull request #13 from nysthee/feature/use-dynamic-versioning 2 years ago
  Thomas Nys 4611a6b723
Dynamicly generate meta generator tag 2 years ago