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  Toromino d8b9eabd8c Fix profile image centering on mobile 11 months ago
  Toromino aacfda1c78 Add link for Keybase, XMPP and Gitea and change repository URL in footer 11 months ago
  cfrome77 7e35b85298 Add ability to use submenu items 1 year ago
  LordMathis 1819789d67 Change illegal character in url 1 year ago
  LordMathis 27e66289f4 Remove unused fonts 1 year ago
  tanner filip 6b7901a456 add support for CV/resume 1 year ago
  Frank Prechtel 2f4a2ad442 Add support for telephone numbers 1 year ago
  Nick Anderson 3c0f10bae5
Add more social links 1 year ago
  Torsten Mattetat 9c804e0cb2 feat: add link to paypal.me 1 year ago
  Torsten Mattetat 57abdb2fc6 feat: add xing link 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer e4065531f6 Use CSS to uppercase name 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer 764e1473d2 Fix whitespace 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer 36b024fd12 Use https for LinkedIn 1 year ago
  Andrew Schwartzmeyer 22aa93f51e Make the social icons a partial 1 year ago
  Jeff Hutchison a49ee786eb Fix Instagram base URL 1 year ago
  Florent Gallaire cab3017cbc Add Telegram link (Fix #22) 1 year ago
  LordMathis b0c7226c6a Fix missing profile picture issue 1 year ago
  Your Name 2d5efc617f add Instagram params 1 year ago
  Jeff Peeler f39477fc71 Add support for Slack invite 1 year ago
  Thomas Nys 4611a6b723
Dynamicly generate meta generator tag 1 year ago
  Matúš Námešný 9ac5ac1053 Update formatting 2 years ago
  Matúš Námešný f8569bcb74 Codepen (#12) 2 years ago
  Matúš Námešný b8b3e1b778 pagination support (#10) 2 years ago
  Matúš Námešný d25a000063 Revert "Pagination Support (#8)" (#9) 2 years ago
  Matúš Námešný 951f1fec69 Pagination Support (#8) 2 years ago
  LordMathis a4ea546d5d Update for hugo v0.20 2 years ago
  LordMathis 9f6b9c9cf1 workaround for summaries defined with <!--more--> 2 years ago
  Marcin Jasion 1c705259ab gitlab icon 2 years ago
  LordMathis 1e2c8ddb85 Added ability to turn off disqus per page 2 years ago
  Harshad Saykhedkar 0e5ccddade Fix typo in footer layout, render name in copyright 2 years ago
  LordMathis abdc0b6375 minor header changes 2 years ago
  LordMathis cd9be30e99 Revert "Fixed font issues" 2 years ago
  LordMathis 3b0d35b34b Fixed font issues 2 years ago
  LordMathis 8d680e530c font size adjustments 2 years ago
  LordMathis b4524a530e added 404 page 2 years ago
  LordMathis 8acf99109d disqus support 2 years ago
  Matúš Námešný 12e680cfef Update header.html 2 years ago
  LordMathis 6c45b233c7 added Read More to list.html 2 years ago
  LordMathis 3c8ab90c9e reworked index.html 2 years ago
  LordMathis 6027915a8b polishing the css 2 years ago
  LordMathis f2d53a8c53 fixed footer for real 2 years ago
  LordMathis 8fdf062f86 Fixed footer 2 years ago
  LordMathis d238ca5ff9 added README.md 2 years ago
  LordMathis 8c20fa5e63 removed 404.html 2 years ago
  LordMathis 13f05ab6b7 some more polish 2 years ago
  LordMathis f70e0ceec1 layouts polishing 2 years ago
  LordMathis 66b3614119 added layout for list.html 2 years ago
  LordMathis 19de0b079d some more stuff 2 years ago
  LordMathis 824d62b5cb added stuff 2 years ago
  Matt Namesny b6de3530c8 Added JQuery and Font Awesome 2 years ago