Kibou is a federated social networking server.
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Toromino 5dd167e427 Implement pooled connections 5 months ago
00000000000000_diesel_initial_setup Initial skeleton 9 months ago
2019-01-20-114604_initial_skeleton Initial skeleton 9 months ago
2019-03-09-202703_add_follows Introduce incoming follows (+ tests) and accept activities 9 months ago
2019-03-21-130335_implement_oauth Implement Mastodon-API and OAuth support 8 months ago
2019-04-22-180257_introduce_indices Add activities indices 6 months ago
2019-06-09-220843_activitypub_data_indices Add jsonb_path_ops index on activities 6 months ago
2019-06-23-131810_notifications Implement pooled connections 4 months ago
.gitkeep Initial skeleton 9 months ago